Friday, October 11, 2013

The only thing Democrats and Republicans hate worse than each other...

Is an Independent Candidate.

I'm sure that it will not come as a shock to many of you that the system is rigged.  Here in Virginia we have an election rapidly approaching for the Governor's Seat.  This year there will be three choices on the ballet, The Democrat Machine, the Republican Machine, and a little know Libertarian Candidate named Robert Sarvis.

If you don't know much about Sarvis, don't beat yourself up.  It is hard to compete with the established parties when it comes to advertising, since Advertising is simply an extension of how much money your candidacy can muster.  And let's face it, even the not paid for "News" coverage of any election any where in this country, simply skims over Independent Candidates as minor foot notes, if it mentions them at all.

 This headline may be the last you hear of Sarvis this year:


He is not being allowed to attend the last televised debate because he has not consistently polled at over 10% popular support.  In some recent polls he was as high as 12%, which is incredible considering that most (if not all) of the political polls are slanted one way or the other (D vs R).  I mean why wouldn't they be?  Who do you think is paying for them?

So, logically, if a candidate can not poll well then why should they be allowed to debate publicly?  The only political arena where money is not the overwhelming factor.  A place where ideas can actually be expressed and defended or challenged face to face.  The only place where a wild card with good ideas could out shine an entrenched political system.

I'm not telling you that what you believe is wrong.

I am not telling you who you should vote for.  

I'm not telling you the Sarvis is a great guy with any of the right answers.

What I am telling you is that you are being fooled.  Hoodwinked.  Bamboozled.  The American People have been fleeced by the very machine that we think represents us.  The system that protects and defends us.  The one that is supposed to OBEY us.  

Robert Sarvis may not be the best candidate to represent you.  But in all honesty, he is the only Person running, his opponents don't even have names or faces.  He is not running against McAuliffe (D) and Cuccinelli (R).  He is opposing a corrupt system that is so sure that it owns us all so completely, that it doesn't even care if we know it anymore. 

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