Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get up and VOTE

Even though I don't really like either candidate for Governor of Virginia, even though I don't really know what my local Board of Supervisors even does, even though I'm tired to the point of physical illness of hearing political attack ads, I'm going to vote today.

If you don't try to change the system every time you are offered a chance, then you're wasting you freedom. We still live in a democracy, even though it does usually seem broken down.

I hate our two party system. Democrats and Republicans seem to be working together to polarize every issue. Working together to not work at all it. But still, it is election day. One more chance for me to upset the applecart.

I urge you all to vote every chance you get. And to throw away you Party Registration Cards. And to vote outside of the established parties whenever you get the chance. And you seem to get the chance a little more often in local politics.

And remember, everything starts at the local level. Most of those losers in Washington started in local government, where a few thousand dollars and a couple of influential friends can still pretty much buy you an elected office. I say we make them earn it. Hold 'em accountable. Make them tell us what they mean to do, not just how they assume the other guy is going to try to screw us.

Let's all pay attention and pick better leaders. It's not too late to fix things.


James said...

Happy voting day.

Cheryle said...

All politics is local, as they say!

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