Saturday, November 7, 2009

Race Day

We've got another race today. This time it's a 5K trail run through an apple orchard. The race starts in about four hours, and I'm up trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast.

I've been having a little difficulty finding the right Fuel formula that will work for me. Two months ago I ran a 10 miler, and not having run much for years, I was nervous about cramping and what-not, so I didn't eat anything. Well, I dragged myself across the finish line in 96 minutes and change totally out of gas. In fact, the last three miles of that race I had no energy.

So, the next race (a 5K street race) I ate a banana before hand. That race was better, but I still didn't feel properly fueled. The next race (the 5K for the Thai Sex Slaves) I fueled with energy gels. Not the result I was hoping for either. I finished that race with a terrible muscle cramp in my side.

This morning I've decided to explore another avenue. I'm eating a fried egg sandwich: that's two fried eggs on toast with mayonnaise and cheese, and a big 'ole cup of Earl Gray. So maybe later I'll be posting pictures of me puking up my fried eggs at the finish line.

Wish us luck.


Anonymous said...


wesley's mom (sue) said...

First~ I'm quite impressed by the internationalness of your commenters.

Second~when are you going to write something? it's been 2 months. I know you've had things to say/complain about in the last 2 month. Throw me a bone here.

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